Dental Implants in Gatineau and Fort-Coulonge

If you are missing all your upper and lower teeth, the best solution for you is to get dental implants in Gatineau. At Clinique de denturologie André Philion inc., we suggest that you select fixed implant-retained dentures that are entirely fixed on several dental implants. You can also opt for removable implant-retained dentures, which are set on anchors placed on two or more dental implants. This type of denture can be easily removed but stays firmly in place while in the mouth.

Certain implantology treatments are done in two phases. These surgical treatments can be spread out over a period of six to nine months. If you suffer from a severe dental problem, such as the complete loss of your lower teeth, the team at Clinique de denturologie André Philion inc. offers effective treatments designed to provide you with solid, comfortable dentition, through relatively quick surgery.

The team at Clinique de denturologie André Philion inc. is highly experienced in the safest and most successful surgical techniques to help you start smiling again.

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